Save with Solar for Your Home 

You Pay Less for Solar Energy

Simple, predictable monthly payments – You pay your energy bill monthly. You pay for phone service monthly. Why not pay for solar the same way you pay for other utilities. With Vinyasun you can pay monthly for solar too. There is one difference. At Vinyasun we lock in your payment, which means your solar energy rates never go up, ever. Predictable energy payments you can rely on for the next 20 years.

$0 upfront for installation – We make our process easy. Sign and save. You start saving the day your solar energy system is turned on. No big out of pocket costs to worry about.

No maintenance costs – We will take care of all of your maintenance for the life of the system to ensure your system is working properly and your savings is delivered to you as we promised.

Guaranteed performance – Vinyasun stands behind our solar energy installations. Your solar panels will produce the energy we promise or we will pay you the difference. Simple.

Be prepared for power outages.

Unpredictable outages, natural disasters like hurricanes are scary. Being in the dark is scary. Vinyasun installs battery backup systems that are designed to protect your family in these situations and deliver reliable power to our customers with a medical need for energy.

Switching to solar is as easy as 1, 2, 3 & 4.

Step One. Get a fully customized quote for your home.

Step Two. Electronically sign your agreement — why waste the paper.

Step Three. We get the approvals from the city and schedule your installation.

Step Four. Activate your solar energy system and watch the clean energy flow on your mobile app.

Selling your home with solar.

If you don’t stay in your house for the full 20 years we have solutions for that too. You can take you solar system with you. It’s yours. Or we can help make the arrangements to transfer your agreement and all of its warranties to the new owner of your home.

What others say about Vinyasun

Going solar was so easy. The process couldn’t have been easier. I have wanted to install solar panels for years. I knew it was the best way to do my part for climate change and set an example for my kids, but never thought our family could afford it, it just always seemed so out of reach financially. Then I called Vinyasun. They gave us easy, affordable payment options that made switching to solar cheaper than paying our rising utility bills. I never imagined switching to solar would cost less than our utility bill. Never.

– Sarah

We had waited for many years, obviously, to go solar and always thought it was so expensive. We had solar panels installed on our home in Jupiter, Florida. Our payments are actually lower than our FPL bill. It was instant savings. Plus, we know what our payment will be every month because it never increases. We are so glad we had our solar panels installed and highly recommend it to all homeowners, young and old.

– Deborah and Raymond

There really is a difference. Some companies just get what their customers want and some companies don’t. Vinyasun gets it. As an engineer, I loved feeling like I was learning something new and that I would be saving money by doing something good for the environment. I talked to over eight, yes eight, solar panel installation companies and I can tell you that Vinyasun was the true leader. All of my neighbors know that I did my research, trust me, Vinyasun does solar the right way. It’s just smart solar.

– Mark