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Maxeon Solar Panels. Just better.

Maxeon Solar Panels are simply different. They are constructed differently than all other solar panels on the market. The solar cells are designed with a solid copper plate backing. There are no connections on the front of the solar cells to shade the sun from the cell. The glass is more durable and anti-reflective. The frames are designed to handle the extreme winds of Miami-Dade high velocity hurricane zones as well as the heavy snow loads of Vail Colorado. Simply put. Different is Just better.

Solar Cells Designed On Purpose.

Maxeon Solar Technology uses Integrated Back Contact (IBC) solar cells. This unique and innovative design places all of the energy conducting material on the back of the cell. This eliminates the small amounts of shade that exist in conventional panels. Eliminating the grid lines allows more energy to hit the cell surface which means more energy is transferred to the conductor and then to your home.

Maxeon solar panels boast efficiencies of over 22%.

A Little Bit More Power Every Step of the Way.

No Grid Lines or Reflection.

Structural Glass provides provides a robust level of strength to the solar panel to help reinforce the frames. This delivers the world class durability to handle the high winds of a Category 5 hurricane or the weight of 14″ of heavy snow – all without breaking the glass or damaging the cells.

Solid Copper Foundation

The entire back of the N-Type Monocrystalline solar cell is made of a solid copper foundation. This provides a 100% surface area coverage of the conductive material designed to deliver power to your home. This is approximately 99% more surface area than conventional cells. In addition, this foundation provides durability allowing the solar cell to flex under pressure. 

Beefy Connections

Connections between cells are minimally spaced and designed with real world environments in mind. The connections are built to move and provide a much wider path for the energy that just traveled 90 million miles to finally make its way to your coffee maker or electric vehicle. This is a significant advantage over traditional solar panels that use thin wires or aluminum paste. 

The Longest Warranty Ever. That You'll (statistically) Never Need.

The Maxeon Solar Panel Warranty is the longest warranty in the solar industry backed by a company that has been around longer than it’s warranty. This innovative 40-year warranty provides Vinyasun residential customers with the peace of mind that their product will be covered for the long haul. While conventional solar panels offer 10 or 12 year warranties, with better known brands offering 25-yrs. There are few that also cover the Service Labor.

You have a better chance of being struck by lightning that having a Maxeon solar panel failure. Only 1 in every 20,000 solar panels is returned to Maxeon. But in the event that you are that one – Maxeon has you covered when purchasing through a Maxeon Partner like Vinyasun.

Power, Product, and Service are covered for a full 40-yrs.

More Power For You and The Next Owner Too.

Maxeon Solar Panels are designed to deliver you more energy during the first 10-years of ownership over conventional solar panels so you can choose a premium product for savings and reliability today – not just for the long term.  

Maxeon Solar Panels are designed for the long haul. While you may not intend to live in your home for 25-or-40 years, your Maxeon Solar Panels are designed to provide you unwavering power production while delivering more energy 40 years from now when competitive panels reached their useful life around year 25.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It. See it For Yourself.

What Makes Maxeon Installers Different?

Maxeon Installers are tasked with maintaining the highest level of standards of installation in the solar energy industry in addition to maintaining the highest quality of customer service, process, and on going service and maintenance operations to customers. Just like Maxeon, we are just built different. Built better.

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