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Solar Energy System Repair and Maintenance

While most solar energy systems are designed to run efficiently for many years without much need for service or repair there are situations that can occur that may result in the need for an onsite service call.

Our relationship with FixMySolar will help you diagnose that problem first remotely and if necessary dispatch a solar field service technician to fix the problem. Our friends at FixMySolar work with all major manufacturers and have skilled technicians that can diagnose and repair equipment related issues quickly and affordably.

If your equipment is under warranty we will help you ensure that the most affordable option for repair is completed by requesting payment from the manufacturers. This will ensure that you have the lowest cost out of pocket for your repair.


Typical Service Requests


New Roof

Getting a new roof requires that your solar panels, racking, and mounting hardware be removed. Once your roof is completed your solar panels can be reinstalled.

Inverter Outages

Solar panel inverters are the most common failure point. Central inverters can cause the entire system to fail. Optimized and Micro Inverters also have failure modes.


Solar Panel Failure

Solar panel failures can occur as a result of manufacturer defects. But solar panel failures can also be caused by outside forces like ball strikes, hail damage, wind, or even squirrels.


System Tune Up

The older the installation the more likely you could benefit from a simple tune up and system check.


Monitoring Failure

Probably the most common service request we receive. We can help get your monitoring back up and running.


Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are a never fun. If you are experiencing a roof leak under or near your solar array we can help.

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