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SunVault™ Storage

Seamless Energy Storage for Your Home

SunPower® SunVault™ Storage

Integrates with the SunPower Equinox® system for the only complete home solar solution, designed, and warranted by one company.

Seamless backup kicks in automatically in the case of an outage, providing energy to power your essential appliances —such as keeping your lights on or running your refrigerator.

Intelligent software shifts when you draw power from the grid to offer more freedom from time-of-use rates and ensure you’re making the
most of the energy from your solar system.

How it works

Charge with Solar

As your solar system produces energy, it sends what you’re not using to SunVault™ Storage and/or sells it back to the grid.

Avoid Peak-Time Charges

Software monitors your solar, home energy use and utility rates to determine which power source to use—maximizing use of solar and helping to reduce peak-time charges

Backup Essentials

When the power goes out, SunVault Storage provides seamless backup to power your essential appliances.

Reserve Your SunVault

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