Affordable Solar Installation

Get some sun. It’s easy.

Free Solar Energy Consultation & Home Evaluation

We know there are a lot of different opinions or views on solar energy floating around the universe. We want to be certain you have the most up to date accurate information exactly as it relates to your home. We want to ensure that going solar is the right step for you, right now. Our consultants use high-quality satellite imagery to take accurate roof measurements. Next, we analyze any shade or obstructions that would affect the output and savings generated by your home solar energy system.

During your free consultation, you will receive a completely optimized proposal for going solar. We will provide you with multiple payment options to choose from. You will also receive all of the warranty information about your energy choice and a comprehensive power-based, performance guarantee for the next 20 years.

System and Permit Design

Even though our satellite imagery is pretty accurate we still like to measure twice and install your Florida solar energy system once. This requires an onsite survey. Within just a few days our survey team will accurately measure the area intended for your solar energy equipment and collect all of the information needed by your local building department and possibly your homeowners association.

Based in Florida, Vinyasun works in over 100 different municipalities in multiple states. The information we collect will be used to ensure that your solar energy system conforms with the local codes as well as any deed restrictions you may have. Our goal is to make going solar a positive experience for you, your neighbors and all of the authorities involved.

Solar Installation Day

Once we have received all of the approvals from the local building authority and even your homeowners’ association, we will work with you to schedule a convenient day to install your new solar energy system. Our highly trained installation teams can usually complete a home solar system installation in a single day, as long as the sun is shining in our favor.

Installation day is also a great time to bring your neighbors over to let them in on the secret that you are going solar.

For more complicated installations or areas where multiple inspections are needed, we will keep you informed so you are able to make arrangements for our access to your property.

Flip the Switch and Activate Your Vinyasun Solar Energy System

Once we have installed your home solar energy system we will help you process any paperwork that you local utility requires before they give you permission to operate your solar. Once we have received all of the approvals from your utility and the local building department you can flip the switch to Vinyasun and start enjoying the positive social, environmental and financial benefits of going solar and sharing it with your family, friends and neighbors through our online monitoring system and mobile app.

Start Paying Less For Energy

We make installing solar panels on your home easy. We also make installing solar panels on your home cost less than buying energy from your local utility. Your payback on solar from Vinyasun is day one! Just ask yourself what would you do with a 20% savings on your annual energy bill?