Solar panel installation in Florida

Helping the Sunshine State switch to Solar Power

Florida is the “Sunshine State” but yet it has lagged along, far behind other states when adopting solar energy. We are putting that to an end. Floridians want more solar power and utility costs are on the rise.  In fact, super majorities of Floridians overwhelmingly support the transition to clean energy.  That is why Vinyasun is bringing $0 down home solar financing to Florida.

Over 1 million solar installations have been completed in the United States and 73% of them have been completed using innovative zero down financing models. Vinyasun pledged to bring those financing models to Florida to unlock the solar potential fo the Sunshine state, waking up the sleeping giant of the solar industry.

We make switching to solar affordable for Floridians with our zero down solar panel financing model that offers low monthly payments, typically lower than your fossil fuel utility provider as well as free maintenance included.

Florida Jobs

Not only does Vinyasun solar power help you save money, but we are quickly reaching our goal of putting hundreds of Floridians to work around our local operations centers. We have a growing workforce of the highest quality solar panel installation teams and solar energy consultants. These employees are doing high-quality work that cannot be outsourced overseas and they care about their local community. Our team members all act like they own a part of the company — because they actually do — and they care about your future and our future together.

Stop Local and Global Climate Change

Vinyasun cares about Florida. We also care about protecting your right as a Floridian to choose solar to help you save money and to stop local and global climate change. Florida is ground zero for climate change issues and Vinyasun and our team is committed to making a difference.

Florida Solar Regional Operation Centers

Palm Beach County
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1560 Latham Rd Unit 7
West Palm Beach, FL 33409

West Palm Beach
Warehouse & Delivery Center
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1560 Latham Rd Building #7
West Palm Beach, FL 33409